There is a concept known as the rippling effect which talks about how one of our actions/habits or decisions can end up touching the lives of those immediate to us and then to random strangers we don’t even know. If you learn yoga, you will be teaching your descendants how to better connect with their bodies or just better habits that you will not even realize. If you become a yoga instructor, you can end up influencing strangers for the rest of their lives, and when done correctly, your actions can continue to live on even when you are long gone. If you want to be a yoga instructor and want to do something bigger than yourself, then you can check out the Marianne Wells Yoga Teacher Training programs and take the first step towards your journey of making that happen.

Becoming a yoga instructor can become an exhausting and unappreciated practice at times. Random strangers and people who will fail to understand what you do will probably mock or undermine what you do, and you will be disheartened at times, but this is part of working in something that has not received the right recognition and exposure to the masses. Of course, your students will benefit from it and they will give you good feedback and you will be able to see visible growth and change through their yoga journey which will be incredibly rewarding to see.

Yoga classes can be a good safe space for people to come together and just learn how to breathe, move, and listen to their bodies correctly again. You will be helping people do things that seem simple sometimes, but incredibly effective and meaningful things at the same time. This is the beauty of being a yoga instructor to people.