Best water softener

Tap water we use daily in our home has minerals such as lime, calcium, magnesium and chalk. The higher levels of such minerals in your water make it very hard. This water is very unhealthy for the consumption or for the domestic use.

Even though many people make use of mineral water for bathing and drinking, but excessive use of the mineral water will result in domestic and health hazards. It is important to get rid of excess minerals level from the water and make it appropriate for drinking and for the domestic use such as washing, bathing, cleaning, and more. The Best water softener converts the hard water in softer water just by filtering out these minerals.

Different Kinds of Water Softeners

There’re four main kinds of water softeners and they are salt-based softener, salt-free softener, dual-tank softener, and magnetic softeners. The most effective and popular is the salt-based softener system, click to find out more.

Best water softener

  1. Salt-Based Softeners- These softeners are commonly used systems and come in different sizes and are suitable for about every home, from mansions to RVs.
  2. Salt-Free Softeners- The salt-free softeners do not use salt for removing heavy minerals from the water; actually, they do not remove heavy deposits.
  3. Dual-Tank Softeners- The dual-tank softener is the salt-based water softener with 2 resin tanks. This type is a best softener for the well water because of its amazing ability to filter minerals.
  4. Magnetic Softeners- Magnetic/electric softeners are good for the small spaces, since they sit on the water pipe & take up no space. You do not have to cut in the water line for using them, but some models need to get wired in the electrical system of your home.